What is my Body Shape?

There are so many different cuts of clothing. Some dresses can make us look 10 lbs slimmer while others can add 10 lbs to our figure. I have definitely noticed that some blouses look great on my friends but does nothing for me.


Well, it's because no women are built alike. We all have a different combination of body shapes, proportions, and body variations. And it's hard to standardize something that is so unique. Especially since bodies change over time, weight gain or loss may impact our figure. And it definitely doesn't help that there's so much controversial advice out there. A celebrity may be typed as an hourglass on one web site and a pear on another. So which one is she?

And since it can be so confusing, how do I really determine what my shape is? 

Well, I'm here to tell you that you might be more than one body shape, and that is what makes each of us unique. We all belong to a dominant category but may lean towards another. Knowing your general shape serves as a guide to dressing well. Our brain likes to look at balanced objects, the more balanced our silhouette is, the more visually appealing the outfit will be. It's not so much about being labeled as an "apple" or a "brick", it's about following guidelines under those categories that focuses on highlighting your assets by using the right shapes and cuts.

To define what your body shape is, let's look at your bone structure: the shoulder, the waist and the hips. Bust size and how luscious your bum is falls under body variation.

Either stand straight in front of a full length mirror with your arms to the side or take a photo of your entire body. For the most accurate picture of your silhouette, snap a front on picture with the camera held around your waist height.

Step 1: Dress in form fitting clothes, find your shoulder bone, this is not the widest part of the upper arm. 

Step 2: Find your natural waistline. This is where your body bends to the side, just under the rib. This may not be the narrowest part of the torso, or your belly point.

Step 3: Locate the widest part of your hips. It may be at the top of your hip bone (just underneath the waist) or at the top of your thigh.

The 7 body shapes

A Body Shape

Also known as the pear body shape. The shoulders are narrower than the hips. I see a defined waist.

I Body Shape

The body is slim and straight through the torso. The shoulders and hips are similar in width. The waist is not defined. 

H Body Shape

Also known as the rectangle body shape. The body is broader. The shoulders and hips are similar in width. The waist is not defined. 


O Body Shape

Sometimes known as the apple body shape. The body is broader. The shoulders are either wider than the hips or similar in width. The belly is curved and/or full. 

V Body Shape

Also known as the inverted triangle body shape. The shoulders are wider than the hips, the shoulders and bust is more prominent than the stomach.

X Body Shape

Also known as the hourglass body shape. The shoulders and hips are similar in width and I see a defined waist.

8 Body Shape


The shoulders are either narrower than the hips or is similar in width. I see a defined waist. The widest part of the hips is at the upper hip bone, right below the waist. 

Now that you know what your body shape is, let's start highlighting your best assets. 

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