Shop your shape, not your size

Raise your hand if you've ever been frustrated from hours spent trying on clothes only to realize that not a single item really fits and flatters you. Shopping for clothes shouldn't be so difficult. So don't feel defeated and perhaps wishing you were built differently. Because over ninety-eight percent of women don't fit that "perfect body" clothes seem to be made for. NINETY. EIGHT. PERCENT. 

Being size inclusive and offering extended range of sizes is currently the movement taking over the fashion world, but most women agree that finding the right fit is a lot more complicated than just the size printed on a tag. Women rarely share the exact body proportions and measurements with each other. The same sized dress will look very different on a size eight woman who's bottom-heavy vs a woman who's built up-top.

So, I'd like you to throw out the whole notion of what your size means and instead focus on shopping for your shape. When you shop for silhouettes that flatters your figure, you may enjoy a burst of confidence in the way you look.

It's all about learning and highlighting all your best assets, and we've all got them! Whether that's your legs for days, or an itty bitty waist that gives Marilyn Monroe a run for her money, or a booty that just won't quit. When you shop your shape and focus on all of your good stuff, maybe you'll feel that you've grown a few inches somehow, (as you're standing taller than you used to). Or that your eyes look a little brighter. Maybe your smile is just a bit wider. Or it could be that you love how you look and it shows. And maybe, just maybe, you love yourself a little bit more than you did yesterday. 

So how do you accurately figure out your body shape? Without measuring yourself? After all, we are not focused on numbers. And the circumference of a body part does not take into consideration how your shape is distributed. Stay tuned for the next post to find out...

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