How to Dress the X Body Shape


The X body shape is characterized by having shoulders and hips approximately equal in width with a well-defined waist. This body shape may also be referred to as the hourglass shape. 

  • Shoulders and hips are equal in width
  • A narrow, defined waistline
  • Small to large bust
  • Curvy hips and bum
  • Weight is evenly distributed throughout the body

As the X body shape is naturally balanced, the goal is to follow the body's natural silhouette by accentuating the waist while maintaining balance and proportion in the upper and lower parts of the body. 

  • Consider silhouettes that shows off your natural curves
  • Wear waist cinching details such as belts, fitted tops and dresses
  • Choose clothes with simple and clean details without too much detail or embellishments
  • Opt for rounded necklines such as crew, round, scoop or v necklines, off-the shoulder or sweetheart
  • Wear fabrics that drapes well
  • Avoid bulky or shapeless clothing that hides waist 

Surplice Ruched Top


Self-Tie Short Sleeve Blouse


Eyelet Peplum Top


Floral Print Top


Secretly Shapes Straight Leg Pant


Classic Straight Jeans


A-Line Midi Skirt


Button Down Denim Skirt


Short Sleeve Sundress


Waist Tie Midi Dress


Sleeveless Floral Dress


Denim Jacket


Knit Blazer
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