How to Dress the I Shape

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The I shape is slim and tall. Her shoulders, waist and hips are similar in width. 

  • She is long and lean
  • Bust and hips are similar in width
  • The waist is not well-defined
  • Long legs with minimal curves
  • Small bust and bum
  • Gains weight typically all over the body

The upper and lower parts of the body are well proportioned. If you're concerned about the lack of curves and/or an undefined waist, you can enhance your waist by proportionally adding curves to your upper and lower parts of your body or visually nip in your waist with a belt. 

To Add Volume to Your Body

  • Wear structured clothing with stiffer fabrics
  • Play with prints, details, and textured fabrics on your upper and lower body to add dimension
  • Try different cuts and shapes to create curves
  • Add bright colors on the upper and lower parts of the body
  • Avoid shapeless silhouettes like bodycon dresses, flowy tops that the body cannot completely fill out
Belted Blazer

Plaid Shacket

Classic Button-Down Poplin Shirt

Leopard Print Sleeves Cropped Sweater  
Striped Collar Shirt with Ruffles

Crochet Trim Blouse

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