How to Dress the H Shape

The H shape is often referred to as a rectangle or a brick body shape. The shoulders, waist and hips are all similar in width. The body frame is wider than the I body shape. 

  • Minimal to no waist definition
  • Shoulders and hips are approximately the same width
  • Straight hips and bottom
  • Typically gains weight evenly throughout the whole body

Because the upper and lower parts of the body are well balanced, the goal is to create an illusion of a waist.

  • Wear empire waistlines that hug the narrowest part of your torso
  • Look for clothes that adds volume above the bust and below the knees
  • Wear fabrics that drapes over the body
  • Invest in structured, tailored tops and jackets, clothes with darts and seams add shape to your figure
  • Play with prints and patterns around the torso to draw attention away from the tummy
  • Avoid shapeless clothing that is too loose or boxy as it will make the figure look more rectangular
Floral Dress with Pockets

Knotted Sleeve Shift Dress

Pleated Button Top

Floral Lace Tunic Tops

Longline Blazer

Knit Blazer

Straight Leg Pants
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