How to Style A Short Torso

How do I know if I have a long, balanced or short torso?

A fast and easy way is to stack your hands right below your bust. If your belly button hits above your lower hand, you have a short torso. If your belly button hits at the bottom of your lower hand, your torso is considered to be in proportion to your body. And if there is space between your lower hand and your belly button, you have a longer torso. Note the larger the bust, or the lower it sits, the shorter the waist will appear to be. Invest in a proper fitting bra for a good lift to give the appearance of a longer torso.

If the torso is shorter compared to other parts of the body, the goal is to elongate the torso

  • Wear empire waists 
  • Play with vertical and diagonal details above the waist
  • Opt for garments with details above the bustline
  • Wear open necklines like v-neck or scoop neck
  • Consider dropped waistlines
  • Look for tops that end at or below your hip bone
  • Choose thin belts if you must belt
  • Invest in low or mid rise pants
  • Avoid tucking in your top
  • Minimize details at the waist


Flowy Tunic Top

Pintuck Blouse

Striped Button Down Shirt

Chiffon Blouse 

Gauze Dress


Ruffled Dress


Maxi Dress

Dropped Waist Dress

Slim Fit Jeans


Bootcut Pants


Midi Skirt
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